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IDX Renditioner Express Free 1.01

IDX Renditioner Express is a plug-in for SketchUp for model adjustments and web
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The IDX Renditioner Express Free 1.0 is a software plug-in program for users of Google’s SketchUp program offering them a quick one-click render for model adjustments and for online productions.
All the features available in the full product are available in this free edition of IDX Renditioner Express Free 1.0 except that this program renders image sizes at a maximum of 600 x 480 pixels and has a little less lighting capabilities. Users of this program benefit from its one-click features enabling easy choice selection of menus for the render modes, material finishes, and only one right click is required to select lighting types and bulbs.

The program’s user friendly operation and ease of slotting into Google’s SketchUp program means it runs in the program providing easy access to users without them having to open it separately. The IDX Renditioner Express Free 1.0 is a multi-threading render so can render 40% faster in multi-core or multi-CPU machines and 70-80% faster in 4 and 8 core machines. It is integrated with Google SketchUp components and has Goolge SketchUp’s materials and lighting types. With one click, users can select material finishes such as Glass, Matte, Metal, Plastic, Polished or Varnished and adjust lighting conditions with a simple slider. Amidst the over 60 types of bulbs in spot or point configurations, the program features Fluorescent, Halogen, Sodium, Mercury Vapor and three FL’s in cool white, full spectrum, and warm. Power and colors of light types is preset and depends on the user’s choice of wattage. If natural lighting conditions are selected such as Sun/Moon, the IDX Renditioner Express Free 1.0 program automatically selects the background colors to match the user’s selection. Google SketchUp background colors can be over-ridden and its natural lighting components can be switched on, off, or dimmed. Rendering standards settings incorporated within the program include ray trace rendering with progressive radiosity for global illumination and to change the level of specular gathering bounce accuracy and more.

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  • Must have Google SketchUp 6x installed
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